Thursday, August 03, 2017


The Monks chanted well
But the enshrined Buddha
Remains unmoved.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Here is my bottom line. Why do we need to get the government to demand we live our principles? If you want the minimum wage to be 15 dollars do you pay your employees a minimum of 15 bucks or are you waiting till the government tells you you must? How much do you pay your yard guy and your babysitter? How about we patronize businesses that pay all their employees over 15 dollars when we can? How about we avoid those who do not when we have an alternative?Let us encourage businesses to pay a living wage by supporting them when they do? You believe healthcare is a right? How about donating to planned parenthood and other charitable hospitals that do not charge their patients (St. Jude's etc.)? Is there a place for our churches,temples, and civic groups here? Let's keep donating til our hospitals can take care of everyone who is sick and in need? No hospital in your area that takes care of all the sick? time to organize and create one. Do we need the government to take our money and force us to live our principles or can we individually and together be agents of the change we seek?