Tuesday, September 27, 2016

fudo's last will and testement

Send me off with chocolate and pistachio nuts. Do not fill your eyes with tears. I am still with you. You have always been the better part of me. Place some of me in your favorite places because that is where I want to be. Your joy has always been my joy. Do not canonize me for I was no saint. When I am remembered I wish to be remembered as I was with all the faults right out there for all to see. I will need a cracked stone to lie under(only a metaphor do not waste time on looking for a flawed headstone} my favorite place was Ryumonji. You all know the drill. I have loved you all as well as I could and I will love you forever. I approve of every choice you make and will make but please do not choose to stop your life because I am gone. Please try and ring as much joy and as much good as you can out of each moment. This is how I tried to live. You all have been and continue to be my pride and joy, own this and carry it forward as you journey on. When it is time for me to go let me go. I do not wish to fight on under even greater challenges than I have now. If I can be restored to the life I have now, then okay I will fight to recover, but I do not think there will be much left to fight with if I am much diminished from here. So pretty much if the Doctors say but...then let me go. There is a distinct possibility with my health and family history that my mind might fail before my body does. I do not wish to take medications to preserve a body who's mind is gone. I have no assets other than you all to speak of or any specific desire for what goes to whom. Let things go to those that wish them, and send the rest to the thrift store of your choice. Please love and take care of each other as you are the things I loved most the world. I have lived the life I wanted to and lived it as fiercely as I could. I have made my peace with it in the end. Be Well, Fudo Michael Koppang.