Thursday, May 13, 2010

Variations on a theme (poems in praise of fat bottomed girls)

"the dancer"

when she takes one step
long the sweet half seconds be
while her ass takes three

"an ass man's lament"

life is so unfair
she can win the argument
by stomping away

"an ass man's lament #2"

poor sad old Japan
after three months of searching
not one decent ass

"there is no chivalry"

we open the door
so we can look at her ass
as it jiggles by

"tough choices"

I may choose to stay
so I can watch her her bottom
as she walks away

"life lesson"

it's best to bunk with
a woman who has stuff to
fill up her trunk with

kinhin (a blissful distraction)

Walk the zendo round
following her bouncing butt
a perfect moment