Sunday, May 15, 2005

Some little poetry

Here are some little poems, some of which were written while practising in Japan.


Three ways a meal,
Three meals a day,
Seven days a week.


Putting on black robes
In the dark
Every day


It is difficult
To see there is no mountain
While you are climbing it


One sees the mountain
One sees there is no mountain
Which is the greater fool?


This soap bubble world
Is driven by the wind
onto the spear sharp grass


The fire in the belly
The embers in the grass
live only so long as conditions permit


Dry and brittle
like raspberries in the winter
I too await the coming of spring.

"to one who is intoxicated"

Smell the rain
my Drunken friend
tomorrow's pain
will never end.

"untitled "

Speak to me not
in the icy blue words
of old ashes
tenderly laid so long ago
beneath the cold black stone
Sing to me instead
the symphony you have heard
in a flash of lightening
or tell me what you know
of the smell
of the coming rain